They say about Milan

Blessed Milan/haughty and passionate woman/with two loving breasts/ready to feed the people of the world.

Alda Merini


There are cities of obvious beauty which reveal themselves to all, and others which are secret, and which love to be discovered.

Carlo Castellaneta


Milan is a second Paris. Wonderful arcades and galleries; all the town white stone and gilding. Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde


A very world of solid weight, and yet it seems in the soft moonlight only a fairy delusion of frost-work that might vanish with a breath!

Mark Twain, about the Milan Cathedral


Its delicacy allied to its whiteness gives it the appearance of a glacier with its innumerable aiguilles or of a gigantic concretion of stalactites. It is difficult to believe that it is the handiwork of man.

Théophile Gautier, about the Milan Cathedral


Yes, Milan is really beautiful, my friend, and believe me, sometimes one really needs a tenacious will to stand up to its seductions, and continue working.

Giovanni Verga


To understand Milan one has to dive into it. Dive into it, not look at it like a work of art.

Guido Piovene


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